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Psychotherapy for treatment of depression

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the Possibility of psychotherapy for the treatment of depression has long expanded its borders, modern methods allow you to change genetically inherent problems, as well as accumulating in this life. Of course you can , but when depression becomes a disease, all is not so rosy.

Regression techniques, such as immersion in your past lives and your ancestors, without hypnosis, entering into a borderline state of consciousness, gives an opportunity to study the cause and triggers of diseases and life's problems, negative emotions poison your life and reprogram them.

you will Have the ability to change the end of the drama of your life, launching a new, positive scenario.

If your “the screen of consciousness” the horror show: “hunted life, of the unfortunate person”, then after a few sessions You start to see a completely different happy person, positive and energetic. The task of the specialist to guide you and to keep in the theme.

Patient looks at, feels and hears himself and his past, being fully in the consciousness.

“On the screen of Your consciousness” You can see images of the negative depressive programs, founded directly by You, Your parents or ancestors. The images of past lives appear in the form of photos, images, fragments of a movie or in animated form, and characters of color waves. Some feel a specific physical sensation (heat, cold, pain, tingling, etc.), or get verbal answers to questions. This is the coded cause of Your problem, and the specialist is helping her to transform and neutralize, finishing the reprogramming of problems for DNA.

Every man should know that his life was in his hands, and only depends on it - to enjoy life or to be sad, to be miserable or happy, to get out of depression or to remain in it.

Changing your attitude, you change the situation itself. Most of my patients after the sessions I feel awakened. They have a feeling that the last time they someone managed. After a session comes to an understanding of what they ran. What fears, resentment, guilt and other negative emotions, including negative program for DNA.


Tatiana (age 48) at the age of 29, began to experience “groundless” fear for the second son, who was not threatened. When the son was 12 years old, this fear tortured her and caused serious diseases. On the dive, she saw herself in 16th century English village with the baby in her arms asking for advice from the priest: “What child is illegitimate?” She was asked to leave it in the Church to give up for adoption to a wealthy couple. She did, but many years of suffering, watching the child from afar. The loss of a child and caused her fear. After a few sessions she completely got rid of fear and start to recover.

Sergey 32. for 6 years bothers widespread osteochondrosis with disc protrusion in the thoracic and hernia in the lumbar spine. On the dive saw and felt as his father fell from a horse on his back, as his great-grandfather and great-grandfather during the war fell from the horses back. After the sessions and reflexology hernia on MRI were not found and the discs returned to their seats.

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