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Rhinoplasty nose: What is that?

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Rhinoplasty is called aesthetic surgical procedure to change the size or shape of the outer part of the nose. This operation is often carried out to eliminate deformation after injuries and birth defects. 1 of its primary purposes is to preserve during the surgical intervention the individual features of the face and harmoniously change the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty – is nothing more than the correction of the nose that is considered 1 of the most complex surgical procedures aesthetic plan. The difficulty is that the nose has a very complicated structure-its walls consist of a large quantity of bones and gristle, and the operation is the sequential action of a plastic surgeon to change each individual component.

the Doctor should clearly understand that, as it later will change the patient's nose and what results would lead his every action. This body is not just part of the human person that must be harmoniously with them combined, and it is also a respiratory organ that is why, you should always consider its functionality. Very often the correction of the nose can and indeed must go together with the restoration of the patient's right nasal breathing. Now this operation is performed in almost all cities. So, for example, can be done in several clinics (more details see website


rhinoplasty: Basic methods

today, there are 2 methods of rhinoplasty:

  • open:
  • closed.

the 1st method is applied when it is necessary to work directly with the cartilage or bones. Such surgery lasts approximately 2 hours and is performed under General anesthesia. This method of rhinoplasty has a longer rehabilitation period, but the truth has more predictable results.

the 2nd method is good because after it on the patient's face is not visible scars (they are inside the nose), after all the necessary manipulations the patient applied soluble sutures, it is less traumatic, does not violate the blood circulation and support function of the nose and retains columellar artery. However, it has disadvantages: difficult stitching of arches of cartilage and, as a result, the achievement of symmetry.


Rhinoplasty: Principal

rhinoplasty is divided into a couple of varieties that involve different goals, and the final result:

  1. Rhinoplasty nostrils;
  2. Septorhinoplasty;
  3. Turbinotomy;
  4. Fix columella;
  5. Augmentation rhinoplasty;
  6. Grafting;
  7. the Plastic tip of the nose;
  8. Injectable rhinoplasty;
  9. Laser rhinoplasty.

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