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What is cashback and how does it work?

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cashback Literally translates as "refund". In terms of online shopping, and online shopping is nothing more than a return to the buyer part is spent for the purchase money. In essence, this is 1 of the types of programs to increase customer loyalty and bonus programs. However as an encouragement for buying used not ephemeral points, bonus points, etc., but the real money that a person receives after a certain time after committing the purchase.

it is fair to say that 1-but the 2nd does not. Thus, in certain stores you can get for their purchase and cash back, and bonus points. The only difference is that the bonuses you can spend only in store that they are directly charged, but the money in Africa money. For them you can buy that anywhere.

furthermore, a cashback can also be used directly in the banking setups. In this case, the Bank will return to your plastic card a certain % of your purchase.

Under certain conditions you can use at the same time a few cashback programs - like store and the Bank. And this case, you can sekonomit on the purchase of up to 30 - 40 percent of the value of the goods purchased.


cash-back services: How do they work?

Cashback services enter into partnership agreements with shops in which they, in turn, paid services to attract a new customer a certain % of them made purchases. Well, cash back service returns a certain part of the money to the buyer. 1 the only condition for functioning of this scheme is that a client visit the online market for the Url, and the affiliate that is directly on the cashback website. Of course, the client must pre-register in this service. A vivid example of such services is .com, which allows you to reserve hotels, hotels, and various apartments while sitting at home.

the Payment of remuneration to the customers, often be made by Bank cheque, Bank transfer or through payment systems. Often, all cashback services set min thresholds for compensation and / or intervals through which it is directly performed.

Terms of payments and the amount of compensation depend on the stores participating in affiliate cashback website. Compensation may be 0.5 percent of the amount of the purchase, and can reach up to 42 percent. The times and events in which cash back can be increased in 2-WA 3-ri times.

Besides, the attention should be paid to the fact that pay is the compensation. For example, it can be charged just for purchasing specific product groups.

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