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Perfume with an Oriental tint

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Going to work, an important meeting, business lunch or official reception, you will need to pay maximum attention to create a suitable image. Of course, have to work on the hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, accessories, but the composition would not be coherent, if you do not choose an expensive and memorable perfume. Today, there are special problems with search of flavors, but there is a big risk to stumble on low quality products or even counterfeit. Our online store offers the clients to plunge into the world of exclusives, buying the world famous, original , the origin of which does not cause the slightest doubt.

the uniqueness of the origin

In the fashion world there are a huge number of perfume brands, has long become a classic. Each of them has a rich history and unique qualities, allowing to occupy a certain place in the market and in the minds of customers. As for Montale, one of its founders stood, today a world-renowned meter perfumes - Pierre Montal. His inimitable style, talent and extraordinary views on traditional moments, helped to create a magnificent multi-faceted flavors that fully reveal the wearer's personality.

the Uniqueness of this line of perfumes is in their origin. As you know, Monsieur Montal at the time, about three years spent in the Arabian Peninsula. There, among the endless Sands, sweltering heat and colorful oases, he worked on the creation of exclusive fragrances for the local sheikhs, emirs and princes. Like any true master of his craft, he could not learn something from this period, not to enrich his personal and professional experience. After returning home, Montal started creating its own line of perfumes, which in many respects resembled traditional Oriental Attar - unique bouquets for the production of which is not used alcoholic compounds, but only aromatic oil.

How to find its niche

Analyzing the cosmetic market, you can come to the conclusion that all the perfumes can be divided into three groups:

  • Massive (budget) products of wide consumption, for the production of which uses simple and uncomplicated components. Such perfume is not original flavors, the uniqueness of the music, because their destiny - affordable price;
  • the
  • Luxury - fragrances from leading fashion houses, jewelry brands. It has a high price because its development is invested huge funds, it uses unique components, the combination of which is completely influenced by fashion trends;
  • the
  • Niche is bouquets, which are we working recognized the perfume masters and companies, with rich experience and history.

It to niche category products brand Montale. It is always distinguished by the exclusivity of the fragrance, is completely natural raw materials, limited production volumes (and thus high quality), original vials. This is the product for real connoisseurs and can easily buy in the online store TopParfyum.

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