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Thistle Oil — is not only a useful product that can be used as a cosmetic and a drug. It is a product with which you can earn good money. The fact that this oil is very popular, it is very popular among many Russians and citizens of many other countries. So, if you have the desire and enough money to open such a business, you can begin to grow milk Thistle and the production of oil from this plant. No doubt, all costs will pay off very quickly.

so, first of all to conduct such a business will need land on which to grow milk Thistle. This plant lives one or two years. It is characterized by simplicity. For planting is best to choose a place where sunlight falls a lot. To care for the milk Thistle many do not have. After landing it is able to grow on their own.

To get oil from milk Thistle is either a cold press method, which preserves all useful properties, which are inherent in the feedstock; or extraction method, which is considered less costly.

by cold pressing the raw material is pre-crushed and then pressed. In this case, you do not need any chemical additives. However, oil the result is a very non-transparent, its shelf life is small. It is therefore important to arrange sales in advance. Prized oil from the Thistle and in Europe. So a good warenton is a wholesale purchase of oil from Ukrainian producers, for example, and export it to the West.

At the extraction by using organic solvents. Raw materials for some time kept in these solvents, and the result will be highlighted in the essential oil. However, this product has no quality, because in the extraction process dissolves not only oil, but many pigments, waxes, phospholipids.

For self-production of oil of milk Thistle you must have some country land on which to grow this plant. If oil is used a cold press method, you will need a grinder and seeds press. If you plan to get the oil by extraction, you will need natural solvents. Most often, the role these solvents play nevrax or gasoline "A".

the Volume of obtained production depends on how much Thistle was planted and grown. Accordingly, this depends on the profit from the sale of produced oil. Of course, an important role is also played by advertising. The better advertised products, the more buyers.

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