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Courses of SEO or what it means to promote a website in the Internet content decides everything

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it is not strange, but everything changes and search engine algorithms is not an exception. To promote the sites to do advertising for the business and win the markets is not difficult, important to know the algorithm by which search engines evaluate web resources. Recently, a lot of sites dipped in the results of Google search engine. What happened and how to deal with it? This question is asked by many and even experienced SEOs today shrug, guessing and stuff, so have not had time to carry out practical experiments and develop new methods. Many of the projects of large companies began to fall from the Top positions, and if they can keep the links a little, it's good. However, not all experts have failed, there are those that remained afloat of course, but this is one.

What is the secret to keep these professionals, what is their success? Of course this result is not a Fluke and these people were prepared for earlier, they don't ask questions "why has my website dropped in Google on page 2-3" as anticipated changes undertaken by the search giant. The secret of course lies not in one key aspect. The growth position is affected by many factors, for example the mass purchase of links, it is not a panacea. But some of the right actions can be selected. The most important thing is not the number of purchased reference, the secret is in the content. The text has a primary role in the life of any website. It robots search oriented, is it talking about the key words, the text carries meaning and uniqueness. To understand the strategy of promotion of sites, it is possible to study the subject and pursue personal experiences, but how much time will it take? And you can sign up for individual courses for promotion of sites - and get ready, checked the rules on the buyout, moving the sites. This will allow for example a personal web page to learn and to gain not only knowledge and experience, but also the first results of the growth engines positions.

What should be the text on the website, that would be like Google?

Naturally, the text on each page should be unique, not translated from another language, etc., and is written from the head and correctly set out, without errors. He must carry useful information that would detain the visitor on this page to interest the reader and possibly with the help of “linking”, to smoothly send the person to another page. This is fixed by search engines and suggests the importance and usefulness of the material, and something that is useful to people, like bots and PS.

also, it is important to correctly place keywords in the text, it search engines will be able to determine the direction of the company, and in this case a specific page, and will rank a site in a different theme. But we should not blindly insert key phrase, as it can considerably harm. All should be moderately, it is interesting and on topic.

the content to write very much, because he may be selling, but that's a topic for another article.

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