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Clinical research drugs: Basic types

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Clinical research is a necessary stage in the development of a want a new drug or expanding the indications for use are already known to doctors medicines. At the initial stages of drug development conducting microbiological, biological, physical, chemical, Toxicological, pharmacological and any other studies on laboratory animals or tissues (the so-called preclinical studies, whose primary purpose is obtaining through scientific methods, evidence and safety assessments, and the effectiveness of various drugs.

But this kind of research is not able to give reliable information on the effects of the study drugs directly to the person, since the human body differs from laboratory animals as reaction systems and organs of the drug and pharmacokinetic characteristics.

that is why it is also necessary to conduct clinical trials of drugs still on the man. By the way, you can order in the company, Pharmacy:


What is a clinical trial (study) medicine?

This is a systematic study of medicine through its use by man (healthy volunteer or patient) in order to assess its efficiency and/or security + confirm and/or identify the pharmacodynamic, pharmacological, clinical features, assess the distribution, absorption, excretion, metabolism and/or interactions with other medications.

Types of clinical trials:

  • the Pilot;
  • Randomized;
  • Comparative (controlled);
  • Nesravnennoe (uncontrolled);
  • Parallel;
  • open;
  • Masked (blind);
  • a Prospective site;
  • Historical (retrospective);
  • Single;
  • Multicenter;
  • International;
  • Follow;
  • Case-control (similar cases).

Last time, the role of clinical trials of drugs has increased in connection with the implementation of the principles of evidence-based medicine directly into clinical practice.

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