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Slim figure: Nutritionists have called 7 secrets

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Nutrition is the branch of medicine which involves a set of laws on proper nutrition. By the way,
center for aesthetic medicine “Talicia”: Experts in the field of medicine (dieticians) are:

  • the frequency of eating;
  • the selection of "proper" food from the point of view of their calorie content and nutritional value;
  • the correct handling of these products so that they are utilized in the best way;
  • physical properties of ready-made food, as well as certain foods.

Expert in this industry organizes meals as healthy people and those suffering from various diseases. Relatively healthy people, the nutritionist selects the suitable diet according to their occupation, gender and age. Such a diet is also called rational. But the power of people who are suffering in different diseases, are called medicinal. Such treatment menu designed specifically depending on the disease. Rational menus are designed for each individual, provides for all its needs in vitamins, macro - and microelements and biologically active substances. The doctor may prescribe a temporary menu in order to normalize the condition of the patient, and constant.


7 secrets of slim figure

Nutritionists gave a few tips to keep your figure slim and to lose weight. In order to do this you need:

  1. Drink water. Those people who 30 minutes before meals drink half a liter of water burns 30 calories, while without doing anything. And drink per day 2 liters of water, respectively, to burn 120 calories;
  2. Jump rope. By doing this you can burn 350 calories in 30 minutes, but you have to jump with a frequency of at least 120 jumps per minute;
  3. Drink before heading out espresso. If aerobic exercise you will drink this drink, the caffeine will help you burn more fat cells directly on the treadmill. By the way, you can even just drink a coffee (of course, without cream and sugar), and then just a few hours to a walk in the Park. The effect will be the same as in the 1st case;
  4. grapefruits. To get rid of excess fat will also help 2 slices of grapefruit, eaten immediately after a meal. Really need to eat them without sugar;
  5. to Reduce the caloric content of food. You need to min to reduce animal fats in your daily diet. Better to fry foods in vegetable oil, meat is better to eat chicken (without the skin), and only low-calorie cheese;
  6. Drink green tea. If you ate the meat for dinner, then you should drink a Cup of green hot tea. This drink will help your body to peratrovich heavy food;
  7. Do "water massage". Should regularly carry out the SPA treatments - they will help you to get rid of cellulite.

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