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Hernia of the spine and fitball: What you need to know?

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Fitball and hernia are closely linked, since the use of the gymnastic ball in this disease is very common. This, in turn, allows to achieve the positive dynamics, which leads directly to 100% recovery. A properly crafted set of exercises for each case allows a person wonderful to own your own body and feel the joy of movement. Next, we'll talk in more detail about the usage .


the Main contraindications

Sporting events in many cases are the 1st of the main reasons for the development of a herniated disc, but also as snake venom is able to cure, and the kill itself and the sport can help the severely ill get on his feet. Done in moderation and correctly formed complexes of sport exercises over time will strengthen the human muscles and is able to give people the joy of movement.

For risk groups 100 % contraindicated following exercise:

  • bodybuilding;
  • jumping in length and height;
  • all kinds of weightlifting (lifting even small weights, or barbells);
  • athletics (with the stress on the spine and legs);
  • run;
  • marathon walking;
  • different sports games (football, volleyball, skiing, etc.).

In that case, if the patient refuses strenuous exercise and doing physical therapy, he will receive the excellent chance to maintain good physical form for the benefit of his health, and will feel a significant improvement in his condition.

Moderate exercise daily walking help not to a developed stage of a herniated disc, and the use of professional trainers — to strengthen our own health, not undermine it.


Fitball: How to choose?

When the herniated disc classes with fitball will bring great effect to the patient. But in order for health to be useful it is necessary to correctly choose the sports equipment,

  • in the spec. the stores have a table, directly used to determine the diameter of the ball growth of the patient;
  • to purchase the equipment necessary exclusively in the spec. outlets with the presence of a certified product and licenses, in order not to fall for the fake, which can not only lead to loss of money, but also to degrade the patient's health;
  • the consultant in special. store will help a person to choose an exercise ball according to its growth, it is necessary for him to sit down, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and align the spine.

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