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Surgical treatment of herniated

July 18 2014

Spinal disc herniation is a common disease of the nervous systemperson, developing as a result of degenerative or traumatic lesions of intervertebral discs. The main factors contributing to the development and progression of disease following:

- wrong way of life and as a result, metabolism, fluid and mineral balance, tissue loss its elasticityand of elasticity;
- excessive exercise, including sports, leading to an increase in pressure on the disc in the site of the lesion and, consequently, its damage;
- overweight, which steadily increases the pressure in the joints spine (ROM) and leads to premature wear;
- the consequences of diseases of the spine, or nervnoy system (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc.).

In structural terms, the hernia is a displacement and rupture of the ring of the intervertebral disc and then pinched nerve endings. Symptomatology characterized by pain (firing) in the affected area, gives to the limb (depending on the entrapped nerveroot), numbness and loss of sensation. In most cases, treatment of hernias is reduced to conservative methods (anti-inflammatory therapy with NSAIDs, physical therapy, exercise therapy, massage). But in severe cases, when, for example, there is a strong pain, disruption of organs and functions (urination, defecation, sweatingtion) and there is the possibility of paralysis, surgical intervention is required in order to unlock a pinched nerve. In many cases, the only possible method of treatment.

Methods of surgical removal of a hernia can be divided into the following groups:

- radicalstepping into the breach - laminectomy, discectomy. Complete removal of disc herniation and subsequent replacement with an artificial implant;
- minimally invasive - microdiscectomy, endoscopy, laser removal. Is   to remove the bulging part of the disc or the reduction of its nucleus, which pulls in a reduction protrusions;
- restoration - implantation, aytotransplantatsiya. Replacement of the affected disk artificial analogue or replacement of worn material from the same cell laboratory.

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