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Best movies of 2011

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Year 2011 in the world of cinema was marked by the completion of a landmark kinosery (somehow "Harry Potter "), or a continuation of new, or the appearance of an unexpected, but very decent in terms of cultural and social significance of the films. Remember they are worth at least because someday it will allow you to pass the time at the TV screen while watching a film with meaning. By the way you can on   So, based on the data the authorsEngine Directories priority "KinoPoisk" the ten best films of 2011 included:

1. "1 + 1 (Untouchables)." The history of a wealthy aristocrat disabled and his assistant, who had just served punishment of a young emigrant.

2. "The Help." History of the American heartland of the last century and thenof how three different status of women trying to counter the prejudices of society.

3. "The Artist". The first half of the twentieth century, the love story of two star opposite genres.

4. "Warrior". The history of martial arts fighters.

5. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II ". The final part of the saga of the young wizard and his opposition to evil.

6. "Limitless". Fi thriller about a young writer who has agreed to experiment with stimulating the brain a secret agent.

7. "The Flowers of War". Story of a young undertaker who is inthe thick of things Sino-Japanese War and trying to save her from the representatives of completely different class groups - novices monastery and prostitutes from a brothel.

8. "George Harrison: Living in the Material World." Martin Scorsese Documentary History of the outstanding British musicians.

9." Detachment ". History teacher of English language and literature in one of disadvantaged schools.

10. "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." A modern interpretation of Holmes and Moriarty confrontation.

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