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What is darsonvalization

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Darsonvalization is a method of treatment with lowcurrent to 200 mA, a high voltage of several tens of thousands of volts, a pulse current of high frequency between 100 and 400 KHz. This method of treatment was named after its inventor Jacques Arsene D ’ Arsonval, who invented this aparata in 1891.

Jacques Arsene D ’ Arsonval - a famous French scientist and physiologista physicist who has devoted a large part of his life studying the effect of alternating current on the human body. So in 1891, D ’ Arsonval noticed that the high-frequency current may have a therapeutic effect to pass through the human body and do not cause tissue irritation at the same time. His research in this area had a huge impact on the bitabotku methods of electrotherapy, which in the future called darsonvalization.

In a nutshell, darsonvalization called treatment by applying a high voltage AC to the human body. Thanks to this method: tissue supplied with oxygen and increases their power, improves blood circulation, lowers the threshold chuvstvitelnosti pain receptors, which in turn provides an analgesic effect, the biochemical metabolic processes are activated in the skin.

Types darsonvalization

Darsonvalization may be local or general. Local darsonvalization characterized in that the patient current flows from the high frequency pulsefirst generator through glass-filled or graphite vacuum electrodes which are introduced into the cavity and moved along the body surface. To date, there are plenty of apparatus for local darsonvalization, eg, with regular use, which are: improved sleep efficiency and activity of the central nervous system, increases immunity, cleans the mouthAlost and headaches, normal vascular tone.

Overall darsonvalization characterized by the fact that the patient in the supine or sitting position is placed in a coil oscillating circuit.

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