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Fear of childbirth

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The birth of a child - is probably the most anticipated, most exciting, most do not have the most at an event in life. Over the nine months totorye nice pass from the moment of conception until at least enjoy the moment of birth, a woman's life has changed a lot, including in its psychology. Hormonal surge makes a woman many times emotionally, which naturally affects the appearance of different fears and phobias. One of the main and most powerful phobia is the so-calledyvaemaya, prenatal phobia or simply fear of childbirth. This pattern is reinforced and information attack, because every house has a TV and almost every - the Internet. Such an overabundance of information, and practically no one controlled, has a strictly opposite effect, only exacerbating existing fears. More detailsRead here:.

Fear of labor is a physiological and psychological nature. Surely, the first thing that comes to mind - as a big kid (looking down on his stomach, or anything else does not think) protisnetsya through such a small vagina? However, nature is worked on gloryAdapting a woman's body to a similar process: an increase in flexibility and extensibility of intermediate tissues, the mobility of the hip and pubic joints and joints. There is a process similar to what happens when eating, say, a large snake food - her bones and muscles apart, absorbing food.

At birth, etc.oiskhodit exactly the same thing: at the right time, tissues and joints move apart, allowing the baby to pass its way to birth. It is important to understand, first of all, the mother and then she disappears most fears. I will not say that the birth - it is an easy short walk. On personal experience (as was in labor with my wife) can skazats that suffer still have, not only the woman but also her husband, but patience is incomparably petty in comparison with the great joy which is waiting for you ahead. At this also need to build their preparation for childbirth, in order to overcome this psychological barrier. As said, joking or our gynecologist (maybe it's a professional akushersky Yumorok) - "Fear not, for pregnant women here still has not left." Move the negative thoughts and weeds away and in good spirits prepare for the most important event in your life.

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