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Molded and its variants

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Among all building materials in the world, a tree, perhaps, Naibolee ancient and popular material. Although in today's world, the emphasis has shifted to brick or concrete blocks, wood has not lost its quality, excellent and used as a building and as a finishing material. House made of wood has a special aura, comfort, but it has some significant drawbacks: First, it is very combustible materialin the second it is characteristic of such a feature, as shrinking. Therefore, most modern homes built on a brick or penoblokovoy technology. Behind this phase insulation and cladding, where the tree can be pretty confident to use as a lining. It is distinguished by environmental friendliness, ease of usability and ergonomics. This is an excellent option Deptrees, imitating natural wood beams. The interior and exterior, made by a lining, give some self-sufficiency, choli, comfort and sense of taste. In its form lining - a thin (22 mm) board, with the embedded side edges. A method of manufacturing lining is completely dependent on the type of material for its manufacture. By the way, all of which directly depends on the material, according to this criterion is divided into three groups:
- wood (made from edging boards, shaped by trimming the side surfaces);
- MDF lining (the structure is its wood-fiber plate, that is made by pressing on the floor);
- plastic lining (proizvoditsya by injection of polyvinyl chloride).
Each type of lining has its solo and weaknesses.

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