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Check-up - medical or diagnostic tourism in Germany

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The level of development of medicine depends not only on the scientific potential of the country, but also on the costs of medicine by gov'tarstva. The logic here is very simple - the higher the level of development of the state, the higher the percentage of allocations from the state budget for this industry (not only as a percentage of GDP, but in general terms of money). That is, objectively, and it turns out that in developed countries, the level of health care is extremely high. Generally, the effectiveness of the medicine dependsseveral factors: training and quality of diagnostic measures. Just then, the Europeans also ahead. Objective remains the fact that there are diseases that can not be detected without deeper diagnostic measures, such as MRI). It plays an important role and possibilities of na?ve level equipment. And they are objectively up there, This equipment generates - in Germany. In addition, it allows the fullest according prepare attendants. In such circumstances, in Germany, is a very popular kind of medical or diagnostic tourism (Check-up). Read more on the website: Check-up notion denotes complex issledsc an organism: general clinical, ultrasound, the study of the peritoneum. This kind of "travel", it is strongly recommended to the following categories of people:
- working staff, who is harmful and extremely harmful positions;
- those of us who are still living in conditions tyazhelyhklimatichesky;
- People with a geneticFirst predisposition;
- patients with cancer and those over 765 and ... 8 years.

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