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The problem of smoking. How can I quit smoking?

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Since that time, Columbus discovered America, and alongtobacco, smoking it evolved from hobby into a real large-scale problem, especially in our time. The thing is that nicotine, which is found in the modern cigarette has the ability to cause an extremely addictive with it, not only on a physical level, but also on the psychological, at the level of the central nervous system. In today's world with aUren can compete unless alcoholism. No joke, in Russia itself, which, moreover, is the drinking country, about 70% of the population still smokes. It is, moreover, that the detrimental effect on the health of the smoker, so even worse effect on others. Many smokers ask themselves? One way or another, but to quit smoking can nNot all in the first place because of their psychological characteristics and needs of the body in a certain dose of nicotine. Some smokers with a strong willpower, it is possible to throw yourself this pernicious activity, or gradually reducing the dose or stopping smoking for some time (here, just all depends on willpower). Well for moste rest, the process of smoking cessation becomes a real intractable problem. There are currently several basic techniques substituent Tobacco. Among them, the most popular methods are based upon use of nicotine patches, gum, inhalers (electronic cigarettes). Besides these methods, thereand implemented, and alternative methods, such as reflexology, hypnosis and other.

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