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What is a gel polish

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Today it is ranked first means having a plurality ofhues palette. This innovative coating which became very popular. Gel coatings have good characteristics as compared with other conventional lacquers sootvetvetstvenno above. They have the properties:

  1. Resistance to various injuries;
  2. Long-term;
  3. Do not lose a long time, the color and luster.

Very good property still such as the lack of smell that allows to do it even at home. Gel nail polish is very easy to apply and is fairly stable. Technology use is very simple. First you need to remove the nail polish, etc.To do this, nail file or need bafik. Apply primer just can not get into the cuticle. The next step - the base, and drying in the lamp for 2 minutes. This varnish is applied in two layers, the last step - it's the top. Then, after drying in the tube should be removed unnecessary adhesive layer. In case of incorrect application of it is very easily removed with a special liquidof. Another very good advantage such as the protection of the nail plate from the foliation, strengthening and ensuring access of air to the nails. Using this varnish nails made flexible, strong and do not break. These lakes are mostly hypoallergenic, in their formulations no harmful ingredients, unlike the others, which contain formaldehyde, toluoly. Compared with acrylic coating, gel coating enhances the native nail plate. In our time, beautiful nails have dreams almost every woman. Beautiful manicure and beautiful manicured hands should always look very beautiful. After all, the woman's hand speaks volumes. Using this varnish, you will always look chicand modern.

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