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The quality of traffic signs

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Today - a very necessary thing, day-occurringtopically. Wherever there are roads and communications, where there is interaction between drivers and pedestrians, or certain vehicles require careful regulation and control of all processes.

In order to avoid the risk of accidents, and there is a variety of equipment that is designed just for this purpose. Guide-categoriesLei are not many options in each of them understands interested in security. The main values ??that operate these symbols are as follows:

  • warning about the danger or certain phenomena;
  • priority rotation, the way, the order of movement;
  • the prohibition of any actions, braking, speed development;
  • prescription of certain events, decisions, choice;
  • special awareness;
  • information content;
  • service mustachevices;
  • labels and additional information.

  Each of them has its own design, the one who understands, will understand what I mean, right away. Triangular, round, rectangular outline symbols refer to different versions of presenting the information. Thus, the blue and white elements are usuallyare for informational purposes only, whereas preventive property have signs with a red border.

Qualitative analogues are made from modern materials. Standardized graphics applied upscale powder paints. All messages that you can send to the participants of movement, will bevisible from a distance through the use of coloring substances containing reflective elements.

Russian Federation adheres to a common European system, each state has its minor additions and differences. All the nuances must comply with the Vienna Convention, which resulted in many yearsregulate these schemes.

symbols are drawn for screen printing on tin basis. On the back of each piece is made mandatory without shine, that there is no extraneous glare of headlights for cars traveling towards.

The edges of the sheet is usually wrapped twice, firstlys, for extra strength, and secondly, to a lesser danger in case of a fall of such structures. Kant does not have to be sharp, it is fraught with injuries. All measures to strengthen each consolidation undertaken in the   the installation, the product is secured by clamps to specific posts. On the quality of accommodation and service life depends.

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