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When the swelling goes after breast augmentation surgery?

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Breast augmentation surgery is the fact thatAfter it there is swelling of tissues in the breast. This causes patients who dared to such a procedure a lot of questions. One of them, when the swelling go and how you can speed up this process?

Before deciding on breast augmentation operational method, a woman, it is important to realize that both before and after it oftencrucial to the patient's complete obedience to those recommendations that gives the doctor. This means that it is necessary to adhere to some serious rules. Moreover, the woman is important to understand what the doctor will do to not be afraid and be emotionally prepared. A more detailed description of how to do surgeryto breast augmentation in Moscow can be read here.

So, what is important to follow the rules after the procedure? The first rule – is the constant wearing of compression underwear. It will have to be worn for 4 weeks, not only during the day but at night. Why is it necessary? First of all it is necessary toI order the chest took its shape. Since wearing underwear should be uninterrupted important to take care of that in advance to buy more than one set. If it turns out that wearing underwear is not possible (for example, it needs to be washed), the woman should lie on his back and wait for it to dry.

Worym important rule to help reduce swelling and accelerate healing of tissues – this adherence of relative calm. On the first day the woman will be in the clinic under the supervision of specialists in the next few days is better that she just relaxing at home without all sorts of physical activity. To reduce pain afteroperations need to use painkillers, which have been prescribed by the doctor. If the load is, the swelling may increase, and the healing process slows down considerably.

Another thing – after any surgery, do not expose your body to heat. This means do not need to moveit in the bath or on the beach. Disobedience in this aspect also results in an increase in swelling and to the fact that they do not go for a long time.

If you follow the recommendations of the doctor, the swelling can last for about two weeks, and after that time will begin to subside. In cases where this does not happen, it is important to contact a womanto the surgeon who did the operation. This will help to avoid serious complications and time to get medical help.

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