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Nikolay Lagun - Ukrainian banker

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– largeUkrainian businessman having a big enough impact on the market of our country. At present, he is the chairman and major shareholder of Delta Bank – one of the largest institutions, which has the fourth largest asset portfolio in the country.

Nicholas Lagoon was born in 1973 in the village Semenovkaand is located in the Cherkassy region. After school Lagoon entered the Kiev Military School, was educated there for three years. After Lagoon joined the University of Economics, graduating in 1996.

In 2001, Nicholas has prepared its own work and defended a PhD in Economics. KareDr businessman began in 1994 as one of the economists in the NBU. Until 1998 he worked as head of securities in one of the largest banks in the country.

But his business career began in 2002 alone. On available funds Nikolay Lagun has acquired 10 per cent of USB's, and it has become an important factorfor its promotion in the path of business. In 2005 Ukrsotsbank was bought by Viktor Pinchuk, and Lagoon was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization. At the same time, he comes to a decision about opening your own business.

In 2005 Nikolay Lagun bought credit union « & raquo ;, Favoritewhich built the Delta Bank. This organization has become one of the main projects of the businessman. During these years, the market evolved very difficult situation with a large number of competition between financial institutions themselves. Lagoon was able to quickly develop their own project and bring it to a higher level. Within a few years the Delta Bank was among thethe main players in the market and has become very popular among customers. At the moment, the bank is one of the largest in Ukraine.

Lagoon was marked by many experts as a successful manager and financier. He quickly enough to develop their own projects and always led them to success. In particular he has changedand his main project – Delta Bank, making it more universal institution. By purchasing a package of corporate clients from another organization, the bank was able to enter the corporate sector, gaining popularity in our country.

In the assets of all the companies listed Laguna Delta Bank, performing various functions. Uchityvaya the fact that the financial institution has a large number of clients and considerable capital, it is safe to say that a large weight, which has a lagoon in the country.

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