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Back pain and its treatment

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Unbearable pain in the back and the cross, is the second largest in the world, among all human diseases. If not treated in time the pain, heand becomes chronic, which is treated much worse and actually pursues the person for the rest of life. In this case, the necessary rehabilitation and therapy, which perform quality can only highly qualified specialists. The main cause of back pain can be:

- Transferred strong physical exertion;
- Diseases of the spine (low back pain and its complications, genetic disease, osteomyelitis, etc.);
- Damage to the chest and spine;
- Inflammation of the kidney (pyelonephritis);
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system back.

Modern approaches to the relief of back pain, completely different than before. The most basic and the first solution in the fight against spinal pain, a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent. The most popular drugs in this profile is Diclofenac, Melbek, Ketanov, Movalis, as well as some simple analgesics, eg,Paracetamol or Analginum. Also an excellent result in treatment is the use of vitamin supplements such as B12, B1, B6. It is these vitamin complexes are indispensable in the fight against back pain. Also in medical practice primenyaetsyasleduyuschie:

1. Trigamma - inserted deep intramuscular injection of 2 ml of 1 time per day eyeLo 8 days.
2. Milgamma - used for neurological and nervous diseases (when the pain caused by diseases of the spine, muscle spasms, neuritis).
3. Alflutop – used to repair cartilage (treatment - 20 days).
5. Flamaks.
6. Ketorolac (duration 5 days of therapy, the dose of 60-90 mg every 4-6h).

Injections should be done in the full depth around the spine. When finished, you need to use a hot compress on the painful areas. Dosage rate should appoint a doctor, taking into account the stage of the disease. Self-medication in any case is not allowed.

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