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Remo Wax drug and its use

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Remo wax - very horoshee tool for cleaning and maintaining hygiene ears in children and adults. This drug is perfect for regular use, sulfur removal and ear plugs. It easily cleans the ear and eliminates bacteria. He even for infants children, those who wear hearing aids, water sports enthusiasts.

How to use very simple:

1. Lie on the opposite side.
2. Earlobe pull down.
3. Drip 20 drops.

Rinse the ear must be using a syringe. When cerumen means you need to use 2 times a day for 5 days. It consists of sorbicacid, allantoin, fenetanol, benzotoina chloride, water, butilgidroksitoulen. It can not be used in ear pain, discharge of fluid from the hearing aid, as well as a damaged eardrum. Preparation does not contain any harmful substances and antibiotics, has a plurality of emollients (lanolin, mink oil). It is well softensear skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces the spread of bacteria.

The content of penetrant promotes deeper penetration into the tube and soften it. Sorbic acid has moisture-retaining properties. It moisturizes sulfuric stopper and thus the process of washing cork becomes easy. His etc.Even you can use for pregnant women and children from the first day of the birth. In some cases, Remo wax very strong effect and gives a great result. Cope even with plugs that are not taken to wash the doctor. Enough to pass only one course, and you will forget about this issue. She was very surprise you with his magic substance.

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