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What is adenomyosis and its effect on pregnancy

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Having a baby is the most important and bright event in the life of Cherights, any family. But, unfortunately, every day manifest cases where a married couple or a couple can not conceive and bear a child for one reason or another. In particular, most of the risks and threats to the mother and fetus are a variety of diseases, infections.

One of the most difficult Zabolments that have an enormous impact, both on the reproductive system itself, and the rest of the body is adenomyosis or internal form endomitrioza. adenomyosis read about the portal From the standpoint of medical science, endomitrioz - is not nothing but a pathology of the mucous membrane, in which there is a distribution of itsthe interior of the walls of organs and following this complicated picture, which has its own separate specificity.

The first symptom, which should bring the correct diagnosis is menstrual irregularities. In the incidence of this disease affects mostly young women and girls, and thus can play a key pOl during pregnancy. Given the nature of the disease and the destruction of the object, various problems may accompany pregnancy almost all its stages.

  • First, the process of conception, when a woman has an active form of adenomyosis, has called into question. Menstrual irregularities significantno complicates the determination of the optimal period for conception (ovulation), and a more severe form of adenomyosis can and does lead to the development of adhesions in the fallopian tubes, it becomes a natural barrier to sperm. Eliminate this kind of problem can only surgically.
  • Second, optain problems may occur when you try artificial insemination, or rather when you try to have a fertilized egg to implant in the right place. The fact that the fertilized egg or zygote must be attached to the uterine wall and in a position to start development, and with the defeat of the walls of the uterus with adenomyosis found eligibleits place is extremely difficult.
  • Third, of the uterus - is in constant toned body, which in itself is a direct obstacle to the normal gestation. Prevent the possibility of termination of pregnancy can be achieved by parallel hormonal therapy protivoadenomioznoyand.
  • Fourth, the form, the extent and spread of the disease affect the way of delivery (natural - the mild form, and caesarean section - if severe).
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