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What you need to know about osteoarthritis unkovertebralnyh joints?

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Doctors call arthrosis unkovertebralnyh articulateds – one of the most dangerous diseases. It – cartilage damage, which develops in the cervical spine. Can this be prevented? And you need to do?

What causes osteoarthritis . Destruction of cartilage in the cervical spine can be congenital acquired. In Sectionervom case provide for the development of this disease is not possible, in the second – you can eliminate some of the factors that can trigger it. It's about:

- a lack of motor activity;

- overweight;

- deviations in the workse thyroid;

- neck injuries.

How dangerous is the disease? Doctors warn that — is not only discomfort during movements of the head, but also irreversible consequences for the functioning of the brain. The result is that this is happening? The factthat the intervertebral discs are moved forward or backward, crushing the nerve sprouts and blood vessels that carry blood to the brain. As a result, the patient frequent headaches, dizziness, and sometimes there is headedness.

What symptoms should pay attention to? Osteoarthritis unkovertebralnyh joints accompanied by two symptoms, many of which simply do not pay attention. We are talking about the aching pain in the neck and cervical vertebrae crunch while turning the head from side to side. Many of these symptoms are blamed on the salt deposits and other abnormalities. But it is useful to consult a doctor as soon asreceived « first bells ».

Treatment . Treatment of osteoarthritis of joints unkovertebralnyh includes a range of procedures from wearing a collar Schantz to laser therapy. The choice of treatment depends entirely on the stage of the disease and the individual characteristics of your body.

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