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Sick leave: why do they need and what they are

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Strangely enough, but our life is so designed that sometimes consist situations cohyes you have to act on non-conventional circumstances. Suddenly developed unpredictable circumstances and have only only one way out of it - buy it. Since the medical certificate - a document of strict accounting, and is the main reason for the appointment of temporary disability benefits. The cost of the service will consist of the so-their suggestions:

- Working days that you missed.
- Description of your case.
- Type of document.

There roar on special companies that are engaged exclusively in these. And you get the full confidence that everything is securely (any date, all you want, plus Udobstvo delivery). To do this, you need to inform your personal data:

1. Date of commencement and completion of the hospital;
2. Date of birth;
3. Name;
4. Your continued registration (legal residence);
5. A place where you want to submit a medical certificate;
6. Your mobile phone number.

These sick leave granted for a period of 3 to 14 days. And all this, your company, where you work, you will have more and pay this your sick leave. At the moment, when you make the hospital benefits not taken into account seniority, and only insurance. If you have experience about 8 years, the company pays 100% of earnings. Etand scrip will be made in the costs when calculating income tax. And a small caveat: please only serious and proven company, as the market is very much a scam. And most importantly - do not get sick and stay healthy.

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