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Buying a used / have coffee makers

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Today we'll talk about whether to buy a used / have a coffee maker and what it has advantages. And tell us about this Afanasiev KA- Employee « Maresto & raquo ;, which since 1999 implements quality.

When used equipment it is advisable to buy?

  • If the equipment used good quality , thenthere is a common time between the device small. If the machine maloznosheny, underwent a full inspection and replacement of critical components, such as technical apparatus is close to the new. He is still a great resource;
  • If you are saving . The acquisition of the unit in excellent external and internal conditions will allow you to get an excellent coffee machine for less money;
  • If you have temporary financial difficulties . Purchase a used machine will allow you to start a business with less in the earlierinitial investment;
  • If you need coffee to make money , which will work on the bar in a cafe, where her will "watch" the bartender. If the owner of the establishment, purchasing unit, not paying much attention to it, the bartenders, in most cases,in, and I do not watch maker. In this case, the new device quickly becomes worn condition;
  • If the equipment used will receive a warranty and post-warranty maintenance service center , especially if given the vitalSingle guarantee.

Why do prices differ substantially similar devices?

The price, except for the input value of the unrepaired device affects the cost of the replaced parts for the repair, time and complexity of the repair warranty. First of all, it should be noted, that practicalski all the machines that were imported from abroad or were in continuous operation in our country, in need of repair (even if they are in working condition). Unliquidated minor defects can cause serious costly repairs.

Only if the unit proshel comprehensive inspection and repair, we can guarantee its long-term performance. Moreover, the earlier you check the status of the coffee machine, the operation of the device would be cheaper in the future. Buying used equipment without guarantees, you are very risk. The seller may or may not be aware of hidden defects, and to know. Require a guarantee yeswould not have turned out that by buying cheap coffee maker, you have a short period of time will have to put into it a commensurate amount.

It is not desirable to use the device that you want to buy for a long time operated in a cafe bar. These coffee makers, of course, are sold cheaply, but their resource praktichEski exhausted.

After the repair, each unit undergoes a complete set-up and long run. All the time and materials affect the final cost of the machine. Therefore, high-quality b / u coffee is not cheap. But it is after such a repair is almost like new.

There may also prodavatsya and working machines without Kapitarepair ceiling elements. In this case, it can be much cheaper, but the warranty will be minimal, and the subsequent repairs will be made at the expense of the buyer.

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