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Cilantro and its properties

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Cilantro (coriander seed) – is an annual spicy aromatic plant of the Umbelliferae. Directly used in cooking dried and fresh herbs (cilantro) and the dried ground or whole seeds (coriander). The leaves of this plant are sharp-spicy aroma and bitter taste, but dried seeds have a delicate fragrance of citrus and anise. By the way, if you are interested in , as well as its harm, then read about it on the website



Cilantro also has names such as: kalendra, Chinese parsley, seed kisner, kindzi, Kinichi, Hamam, kachnic, cilantro shlendra. About this plant is people know already > 5 thousand years. Initially, the coriander was used in medicine, and then another, and in cooking. In ancient Egypt, coriander was placed in the tombs of the pharaohs; in China, thought he can bring to man immortality; in the Middle ages the seeds of this plant were added to the various love potions, and in South-East Asia, the coriander and to this day is credited with various exciting properties. In ancient Rome, coriander was used directly to excite the appetite. Here in Russia this plant appeared relatively recently, namely in 1830.



Young coriander is used as salads and as a seasoning for meat dishes and soups. Coriander seeds are an excellent spice for flavoring sausages, cheese, tinned fish and meat, pickles, marinades, some Beers and liquors.

Chewing grains of this plant reduces the smell of alcohol and slows down the process of intoxication. The coriander contains a huge amount of essential oils that adorn aroma in alcoholic tinctures, as well as reduce bad quality alcohol. In Russia already many years very popular «rye" bread, which is generously sprinkled with grains of this plant.



Oils of coriander removes toxins and allow you to digest starch, heavy foods and root vegetables; foods with this plant is digested faster and leaves no feeling of heaviness.

coriander is very good for the digestive tract and cardiovascular system. Also it is indispensable in low motility of the intestines, loss of appetite and other unpleasant diseases of the internal organs.

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