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Electronic cigarettes are a reasonable alternative to tobacco

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Since then, like Columbus, or rather his team, for the first time brought to Europe the leaves of tobacco, Smoking became a real epidemic which annually kills hundreds of thousands of lives. A reasonable alternative to nicotine addiction, which does not have a detrimental impact on the body of the smoker and those around are electronic cigarettes from the shop BeFOG, which you can choose the link . This high-tech, electronic device (a gadget in the modern sense), which has a completely different principle than the classic cigarettes.

Vaping and vaping

With the concept of electronic cigarettes often associate terms like vaping (with respect to the gadget) and vaping (to designate the process of "Smoking"). They are of foreign origin from the English word "vapor" or "steam". This is due to the fact that in contrast to classic cigarette a person inhales not smoke - the product of decay of tobacco, and the vapor or aerosol. The second obvious difference is the form or state of aggregation of the basic consumables:

  • in cigarettes, the tobacco filling has conventionally solid-state;
  • the
  • in vapuh used consumable liquid, the diluted aromatic and structural components.

the electronic cigarettes

Vaping is the electronic gadget in which the liquid is converted to aerosol. This forces developers to use in the design of several major sites. In most cases, the arrangement of the device is the same type that unifies individual components and to offer unique solutions for serial production.

Structurally, the electronic cigarette consists of these components:


    Filling the container or tank. Removable camera, which is dressed with a Smoking liquid. Different shape and volume;

    Coyle. The main heating element. Has the shape of a spiral and is used to heat a fluid to a critical temperature (the point of change of the aggregate state);

    Atomizer. It's a small evaporator unit in the form of a cartridge, which, in fact, formed an aerosol cloud;

    Battery pack. Battery that provides power to the coil and atomizer. In the wholesale and retail network better known as mod, since the basic model can be easily replaced by an alternative modification of the third party.

Health is paramount

Despite the fact that vaping is not entirely unambiguous reputation in the society and medical field, its positive effects cannot be denied. First, as a consumable material used is not the tobacco blend (at best), which is full of harmful substances to the body. The fluid which is refilled into the tank, has minimal nicotine content it or there are non-existent. Second, the man breathes not a product of the burning/smoldering (smoke), and the steam being converted to liquid.

Vaping has a real advantage over traditional cigarettes. In particular, no unpleasant odors, the ability to "float" anywhere, no need for ashtrays and most importantly, reduced the harmful effects on their own health and the health of others.

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