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Magnetic resonance imaging of

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MRI today - is one of the most progressive dignostichesFIR techniques in medicine. Otmografiya gives the opportunity to explore the internal organs with high accuracy and information content, detect violations still in the early stages of development. Medicine today has gone far in its development, particularly in the area of ??microinvasive surgery, as here, where there is no direct visual contact with the object of the operation, as Naghdiimportant preliminary diagnosis precision. here, given its high diagnostic value, virtually no competition.

All kinds of studies are carried out on modern production tomograph Philips Medical System. Primenyaemye it, technology, scanning techniques significantly rasshirayut opportunities visation of property, down to the smallest capillaries and nerve portage. All studies were conducted by specialists naivisshey categories that are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. In addition, we are actively cooperating best doctors and s leading clinics of the country that, to consent, suggests a remarkable level of trust experts.

Concoursntnye MRI following advantages:

- informative - studies that provide unique diagnostic result, allow us to study how the internal organs and bone, joints;
- availability - we offer quite reasonable prices for research because the correct diagnosis drawn from these should deliverimosti conduct extensive range of expensive tests;
- security - despite the error, MRI diagnosis is much safer compared to conventional X-rays, in the absence of radiation effects on the body.

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