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Rehabilitation after labiaplasty (labiaplasty carries)

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the Main issue of concern to women when planning surgery to reduce the labia minora is postoperative rehabilitation, which begins immediately after plastic surgery. The majority of patients, after listening to the advice of her friends, and reading reviews from the Internet are waiting with trepidation for most labiaplasty, and its end, namely, time ceases to operate when the local and General anesthesia.

Next, we consider the basic questions women have about this plastic surgery.


Strong will the pain after surgery and how long it will last?

the Intensity and nature of pain is different in all people. But it often happens that the 1st two or three hours immediately after the operation you will feel no pain. As soon as the anesthetic resoets the sensitivity of the wounds will start to recover. When pronounced pain syndrome (discomfort) need to take painkillers.


Can I go in 1st few days after surgery?

the Answer to the question: "?" is an unequivocal YES. Of course, it is better not to overcome a couple of 100-n km immediately immediately after the procedure. The best option would be to go home and a couple of days to spend in peace, observing without fail all the doctor's orders.


Swelling, bleeding, bruising is a normal consequence of the operation or complications?

Bleeding and edema are present in any plastic surgery of the labia, but they are different. It all depends on the scale of resection of the tissue, and techniques of its implementation. Often the bleeding from the wound is not very large - sometimes it can be compared to 1st day familiar to all women period. Some special treatment is not required. The only prevention method is bed rest.


what about sex?

of Course, in the 1st seven days immediately after the surgical intervention labia are unattractive. Intimacy is allowed 30 days after the labiaplasty.

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