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What is laser hair removal

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Every day, any self-respecting women consists of massefforts that are aimed at creating and maintaining a compelling image. Be irresistible, desirable, always attractive - that's what he wants, any representative of the fairer sex. Meanwhile, as we know, the beauty demands victims sometimes very real. Here it is worth remembering is an integral operation as hair removal, ie removal of undesirablenyh hair. This is especially true charming legs: every woman dreams sparkle clean of hair, Gorny legs, and not wool broom, which sickens all and especially the opposite sex. In addition, there is a specific area of ??bikini (armpits and intimate zone), which is much more sensitiveBut also requires care and transformation. There are many different methods of hair removal, mostly dangerous and painful: wax, shave. Recently received widespread method based on the use of laser technology, so-called. This method involves the removal of hair radical, with the destruction of the follicles. The procedure is baseduetsya on the property of the biological tissue to absorb the radiation (wave) with varying intensities, that is, for example follicle absorbs wavelength in the range from 700 to 800 nm, while the rest of the surrounding tissue does not absorb. As a result, the radiation heat and destroy the cell structure of the follicles and in a few weeks MY hairadayut themselves. Despite the external efficiency, this procedure can cause complications and is contraindicated in the following cases: blonde hair, disease, especially dermatological, skin damage, allergies and other.

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