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Alcohol dependence and its treatment

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Alcoholism is one of the most difficult problems sovrTERM society. Statistics tell us that the vast majority of people on the planet have, to varying degrees, predisposition to alcoholism. The role of the individual is, in fact, is not absolute, since the development of this relationship is largely influenced by our environment (family, training or work team, etc.). Absolutelywrong in this plan will look assertion that alcoholism - a vice of the poor, the lower classes of society. If we analyze the world, including modern history, it turns out that even some of the greatest people in the world were in varying degrees dependent on the use of alcohol (George Bush and Boris Yeltsin, Marilyn Monroe, Sergei Esenin, Edith Piaf, Tsar Nicholas II and many others). In fact, at the present stage alcoholism more "cooperating" with the rich and famous. It all depends not on social or financial status, which means that reliability and the personal qualities of the person, his ability at the level of the psyche cope with all this wealth. That is why, pclaim of alcoholism have people labile, with a weak character, ambition and increased propensity to develop long-term stress, depression. As with any other disease, alcoholism treatment begins actually to diagnosis. It is widely known that alcohol has a pronounced multistage (4 stage isolated) and Treatments and its efficiency (or possibility) depends on the stage of the disease. In fact, treatment of alcoholism by one of the following methods: medical detoxification, psychological rehabilitation, resocialization, rationing the use of alcohol, a complex combination of all methods. Treat alcoholism with specialized rehabilitationcenters and Klinik?k. So, for example, in the treatment of alcoholism in Odessa offers Medical Center « Polynar ».

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