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First quarter: the unfulfilled fears

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At the end of 2013 – the beginning of 2014 fell hard time. Big pharma playersone market in Russia   were expecting the economic crisis. Experts build forecasts and sought reasons and the company sought to reserves, allowing it to stay afloat. Nikolai Bespalov, once headed the research service center « & raquo ;, Farmexpert in an interview, said that the situation in the market has affected the CPADhu range of factors, including the recession and economic indicators, and the reduction in income the average consumer, and falling growth   GDP. A negative role was played by the weakening of the ruble, which is against the background of   on import   the domestic economy may have contributed to the uncontrolled rise in prices and a drop in demand for medicines. &Nbsp;

However, as time has shown, the market could not resist – devaluation of the national currency was not so significant, the average price level remained stable, while consumer income is gradually growing. Moreover, according to data provided by the research company   IMS   Health, in I quarter of 2014 there was a certainwh ich the growth of the retail market of LP – about 7%.  

A similar opinion was sounded from the mouth of David Melik-Guseinov, director of the nonprofit Partnership « Center for Social Partnership & raquo ;. Market growth in the I quarter 2014 was not so much active due to lack of serious outbreaks of viral infectionsFirst, that characterized the last years. Another reason for slower growth he sees in accelerating the rate of inflation in the economy in general, and in the pharmaceutical sector in particular. The devaluation of the ruble against vbivalyutnoy   basket adversely affect the value of imported medicines. But in general, the market situation remained stable. Moreover there has been a slight increase of 8%, which was due to higher prices for packaging products. &Nbsp;

Sergey   Shuljak, CEO   DSM   Group, on the contrary, to assess changes in the packaging sector as a negative factor for the   pharma   Russia. The fact that in recent notrebiteli tend to move to a more advantageous package with a large number of capsules and tablets. This form of production is more efficient and is calculated once for the entire course of therapy. Other experts as reasons for the decline of market growth are called and the Olympics in Sochi, and the absence in the market of cheap analogue of some expensive drugs.

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