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Diseases: Chronic pancreatitis

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The human body - a coherent body systems and organs, regionadayuschih close relationship. In this case, any processes in our body are controlled through hormones produced. For their production meets the endocrine system, which is a set of glands and lymph flow. One of the most important components of the endocrine system is the pancreas. In the same gormongeneriruyuschih islandslezy going to develop the most important hormones - insulin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide, ghrelin.

They affect the most important metabolic processes (especially carbohydrate) in the body, so any diseases affecting this gland, immediately affect the status and functioning of the other systems, espe-particularly the gastrointestinal tract. The most common disease of the pancreas is pancreatitis, in particular chronic forms. The main object of lesions, in this case, is the parenchyma gland, which undergoes irreversible pathological changes in nature (fibrosis, the formation of stones in the ducts and sometimes tissue, etc.).

The distinguishing feature of its actual invisibility or imperceptibly, as most of the time people can not feel it, except for periodic exacerbations. In the period of the so-called remission, treatment and prevention of compliance is done by a special diet. In the case of aggravation, which accompanied by a sharp developingdeterioration of the body is likely to require admission to the inpatient unit with surgical gastroenterology or profile. Treatment is reduced to provide emergency medical assistance to arrest the pain and the development of inflammation.

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