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Diseases: fibro-fatty involution

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The female breast is not only one of the most important and beautifulpiece woman's body, but it also has a huge sacred significance in the culture of almost all nations of the world. If you miss a variety of cultural, ethical, aesthetic and other non s real moments of physiology, and review and assess its physiologically exclusively as an integral part of the body, then comes the understandingthe fact that a woman's breast, or as it is called, the mammary glands are part of the reproductive system of any woman.

In fact, the mammary gland - is one of the secondary signs of puberty women. In terms of physiology, mammary gland is paired organs and consists of a complex of dairy shares (mikrozhelez producing milk if necessary) connected to the network ducts nipple. All of these components are surrounded on all sides by adipose tissue. Breast cancer, just like the rest of the body goes all the stages of life from infancy to old age, while undergoing various structural changes. It should teachesamb that sexual or reproductive system of women, which are an integral part of the mammary gland, in its development into three periods, affecting the ability to implement fertility: the childbearing (up to forty-five years, as a rule), menopause (menopause, which lasts, usually from about forty-five to fifty-fiveyears) and old age.

The passage of time affects the structure of the breast in the first place on her body fat. Related to this is a common disease or irreversible condition as. As becomes clear from the title, the involution (ie, the inverse of the process of evolution, ie development) adipose tissue, etc.edstavlyaet a regression of its development, that is, the actual process of aging and cancer loss of adipose tissue, which, however, is not always linked to age-related changes.

By their nature, fibro-fatty involution is a process of gradual replacement of glandular tissue in the body and connectflax, so that the chest is gradually reduced in size.

From the medical point of view, this process is dictated by hormonal imbalances characteristic of menopause, but hormonal failure can occur in the active childbearing age, which is not a natural process and lead to the need to usetion of drug therapy of endocrine nature.

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